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360 Degree Island Tour

Ready, set, go on a scenic tour of Barbados, where every winding road reveals a new chapter of this captivating island. Buckle up as we embark on a journey with breathtaking landscapes, historical sites, and a taste of local flavors.

Adult $80.00 USD

Adventure Safari

This exhilarating expedition takes you to the most scenic parts of Barbados on a guided on and off-road tour. Dubbed our most popular tour, you will certainly understand why when you hop on board!

Adult $155.00 USD

An Evening at Mount Gay with Cocktail Workshop & Tapas

Get a hands-on experience with Mount Gay as you taste our extensive portfolio, learn about our history and craft your very own cocktails.

Adult $85.00 USD
($12.50 USD deposit)

Coast to Coast

Tailored for an intimate experience with a maximum of 10 persons. Every twist and turn of the road unveils a treasure trove of natural wonders, cultural gems, and iconic landmarks. Embark on this enchanting journey that captures the essence of Barbados, from bustling Bridgetown to the serene East Coast.

Adult $105.00 USD
($19.00 USD deposit)

Discovery Safari

This tour is double the fun in half of the time! Designed as a half-day all-round adventure, we have conjured up suitable itineraries which offer all the adventure in a slightly shorter 4x4 experience to get you back in time for an afternoon nap!

Adult $100.00 USD

E-Bike Island Adventure

Everything a bus tour isn't... This electric peddle-assisted bike adventure features highlights such as St John's Parish Church, Hackleton's Cliff, Scotland District, Chimbarazo in St Joseph and much more

Adult $125.00 USD
($18.75 USD deposit)

Garden and Abbey

This tour will take you to the magnificently renovated Jacobian Mansion of St. Nicholas Abbey, set among manicured gardens and rugged gullies, to learn about architecture, history, geography, and the art of rum making.

Adult $80.00 USD

Harrison's Cave Signature Park Pass

Enjoy an unparalleled underground experience as you journey through Harrison’s Cave by tram! Enjoy the sights and sounds of running streams and waterfalls while under the knowledgeable care of our expert tour guides!

Adult $90.00 USD

Mount Gay Cocktail Master Class

Get a hands on experience of Mount Gay Rum. Enjoy a tasting, learn about the history and craft your own cocktails.  

Adult $145.00 USD
($17.50 USD deposit)

Mount Gay Distillery Experience

Visit the distillery of Mount Gay Rum, where rum has been distilled for over 360 years! 

Adult $55.00 USD
($10.00 USD deposit)